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New Into The Woods Pages

Front cover from Into The Woods a fabric sketchbook by Kim Edith. Applique, embroidery and photo collage.

Into The Woods Update!

As you might know I’m remaking the pages of my Into The Woods fabric book to make it into a printed version. This means re-sewing all 14 pages (and adding a few more)

There are lots of reasons why i’m remaking the pages, even thought the original verison took me a year (and hundreds of hours of sewing) to make -it’s not just because I like to make things hard for myself!

And don’t worry if you loved the original – lots of the pages will be almost identical – it’s just that they’ve had to be reworked. Below are the two owl pages. On the left is the original page, and on the right the newer one. Except for them facing a different direction there is not too much difference between the pages. I’ve added a bit more foliage to the new one, as well as reduced the size of the owl and added more embroidery.


But why have you gone to so much effort? Well… some of the reasons i’ve had to remake them are:

  1. It’s difficult to photograph from the book. Not only is the surface not flat, but there is bias binding around the edges which means i’d have to crop the pages very tightly and would loose some of the image when printing.
  2. The quality of the stitching needs some improvement. I think of my fabric books as sketchbooks and as such don’t worry about raw edges on fabric, large, visible stitches and mis-placed scraps of fabric. However in print these tiny errors can seem much more visible, so although I’ll still be keeping the raw edges and hand stitches, I’ll have to be more careful that they will look good when photographed.
  3. I want to exclude some of the quoations added. I’ve had interest from lots of different areas, including forest educators and parents with small children and I’d like to make it as accessible as possible. Therefore I’ll be excluding some of the longer quotes.
  4. The original book was a personal project and therefore I didn’t worry too much about copyright/ attribution/ using direct inspiration from other artists, and I’d like to make sure I produce original work for each page.
  5. I want to add in some new pages -feathers, acorns, tracking … I haven’t decided exactly what yet! (any suggestions greatly recieved!

Mushroom page from new Into The Woods fabric book by Kim Edith

I’m remaking each of the pages as either single or double spreads in flat sheets.  Some of these i’ve changed from the previous book – this mushroom one, for instance was a single page in the first version, but is now a double.  I have marked the page size on the background with thread and left lots of space around the outside of the image for bleed; The artwork will be extended into the bleed space so none of the image gets cut off when printed.


detail of mushroom from page from new Into The Woods fabric book by Kim Edith

Detail of new mushroom page – I’ve kept most of the mushrooms the same but with some additions like this one now the page is bigger.

Stay tuned for more page updates!

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