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Into The Woods – Update!

I couldn’t be happier to announce that the second version of my Into The Woods book has moved to the next stage of production! I have finally finished re-making all of the pages (and making some more to get up to my 24 page target) and they are now with my photographer.

I started the process at the beginning of May this year, so I am pretty pleased that it has only taken me 4.5 months to re-do what took me 12 months originally. Although I have to say that remaking a page is a lot easier than coming up with new images!

I was aprehensive about commiting to this project as I don’t usually like repeating things, preferring to keep making new work. But I actually really enjoyed remaking these and it was a new challenge to improve upon existing images. I’m certainly interested now to make other versions of the same pieces, something that has never interested me before.

Here is a photo of all of the pages laid out on my dining room table before I wrapped them up to take to be photographed:


I find it pleasing how well the colours go together and am hoping that sticking to a similar colour pallette will mean the book will be coherent and flow well.


I have added 4 completely new pages into this book to increase the page number and make it more suitable to be printed. This is one of the new images which is an experiment using a range of dyed fabric. Some of it I had made myself previously and some of it was found fabric that had hand-dyed details.  I also tried using the texture of raw silk edges for the bottoms of the feathers to give that delicate, downy appearance.


Bird’s Nest

This is another new page, chosen for it’s use of machine embroidery.  The only page I have left out of the new version is one of ghostly trees – an experiment using free hand machine embroidery and layers of guaze. I love the image but decided that it didn’t really go with the rest of the book ( all things you could realistically see in the forest) as well as being aesthetically different. Instead I have experimented with using machine embroidery in another way – to create this messy bird’s nest created from many scraps of brown fabric. You can’t see the embroidery so clearly on this photo (one of the reasons I’m having professional photos taken!) but the scraps have been overlaid with a layer of machine embroidery to keep them in place and add to the chaotic pile of sticks.

I have also used the machine to add texture to the bottom of the nest and to create the lines following the edges of the image. This is a motif i’ve used throughout the book – either using a machine or running stitches to fill up the space between the main images and the edge of the page. I like it as a technique as it adds texture and detail as well as helping to keep the background fabric in line.

Fox in the snow:


This fox is part of a page I have re-developed since the orignal book. I have now streched the image over 2 pages (the trees are over 2 and this fox stands in the left corner looking out through the trees). I have kept the same technique to  show the shadows of the trees, although the way they are arranged and the way the shadows behave is slightly different.

The fox is a totally new creation. Made using orange velvet which has been dyed and painted then embellished with small bits of fabric and embroidery. I am pleased with the textures that he has – the white paint catching on the pile of the velevet, and think he looks as strokable in print as he does in real life!

What happens next?

Now it’s a waiting game! I have to wait for the photographs to be taken and edited, then I can start designing the book itself (all of the layouts and written sections that need to go in, titles, blurb, details etc). Then I can finally get it printed!  I will be setting up a pre-order system too, so look out for that soon. I am hoping -(fingers crossed) to get it printed ready to be shipped in time for Christmas, but it reaally is out of my hands in many respects!

Can’t wait for the book to come out?

Prints and greetings cards of three of the pages are now available in my Etsy shop . The prints are available in A4 or A3 sizes and can be shipped worldwide. 

They are beautiful digital prints on heavy 300gsm silk paper, giving a gorgeous rich colour and a crisp image that lets you see all of the stitches on the images.




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