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Textured Tree Bark

Create a textural tree collage using scraps of paper. Practice your cutting skills, and identifying and finding shades of one colour. Use your finished tree shape on it’s own or as part of a larger picture.

You will need:

Old magazines or colour newspapers


1 piece brown card


Optional: Download and print template below

Go for a walk in the woods or along a tree lined street. Look at the dark tree bark and how many layers it has. See the deep groves in the surface and how many different colours there are.

How many different kinds of bark can you find? Can you take photos to use when you get home?

How to make your collage

1. Cut a tree shape out of the brown card.

I have just made a section of the trunk (to mimic the shape on the Into The Woods page.) You could make a much bigger shape! If you want to use my template download and print the file, then cut out the tree template. Place this on the brown card and trace around the outside, then cut out around your line.  If you don’t have any brown card then you can paint or colour in the tree template.

2.  Go through your old magazines and cut out any pages with brown images. These can be photographs or blocks of colour. Particularly look for an images of trees, wooden furniture or interesting textures. Try and find a range of colours from light to very dark brown.

3.  Cut each image into wavy shapes, cutting out any parts of the images that have text or any other colours. You can use the templates included as a guide, just print out and draw or cut around the shapes.

Tree and Bark Template

4. Place your brown paper pieces on top of the brown card layering them up. They should overlap and cover most of the card. Try and mix the colours so there are patches of light and patches of dark.

5. Glue in place.

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